The Best Vietnamese Food In Da Nang, Vietnam

The Best Vietnamese Food In Da Nang, Vietnam

  12 Mar 2019

Da Nang, like every other major city in Vietnam, is packed with street food stalls and restaurants. It can be overwhelming, so we’ve picked out the best places for authentic Vietnamese food in this bustling city.


Ba Duong

Ba Duong, hidden in an alley off Hoang Dieu Street, is where locals go for the best banh xeo in town. Banh xeo are Vietnamese crepes, made by frying a rice flour and turmeric batter on a sizzling hot griddle. At Ba Duong, it is served extra crispy, with pork skewers, rice paper and a signature peanut sauce. Ba Duong is so specialized that there is nothing else on the menu, so the crowds that turn up are here just for the banh xeo.

Minh Trang

Head to Minh Trang to try a big, indulgent, Vietnamese breakfast. Order the bo ne, which is a beefsteak, meatballs, egg, and Vietnamese baguette (banh mi) served on a hot iron plate. Accompanied by a clear beef broth and coriander garnish, this extremely filling meal will give the full English breakfast a run for its money.

Ba Vi

Ba Vi’s speciality is mi quang, a dish of turmeric-tinted rice noodles in broth, covered in layers of vegetable, seafood, and meat toppings. Try the mi thap cam, which comes with an unbelievably long list of toppings: shrimp, beef, pork, chili peppers, banana blossoms, water mint, and sesame rice crackers. Everything comes together beautifully, thanks to the rich broth.

Lam Vien

Lam Vien is located in a beautiful house, constructed according to the traditions of Da Nang’s Thai minority. The building is steeped in the multicultural, cosmopolitan past of Da Nang, and the food, too, combines classic Vietnamese recipes with international influences. In the elegant main dining area, you can sample local fare, like deep fried tiger prawns in tamarind sauce, or abalone and crab meat soup. Outside, in the garden, the grill serves items like grilled duck with orange sauce, or beef rolls with lemongrass.

Bun Cha Ca

Bun Cha Ca does only one dish; noodle soup with cha ca (surimi fish cake). The restaurant is beloved by locals for the quality of its broth, and the freshness of the homemade cha ca. The decor is somewhat basic, and you will be sitting on plastic chairs, but the flavor is five star.


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